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Current issue Volume 24 No. 5 (2024)

Published on 31tst May 2024

Editor's Note

As we release this issue of AJFAND, the world seems extremely unsettled, with wars and conflicts everywhere and nature displaying great displeasure. We see and read of weather events globally killing both humans and animals, and destroying crops and infrastructure. People and mostly the poor in the Horn of Africa are losing their source of livelihood, pointing to a situation where Zero Hunger by 2030 is further compromised. So, as we organise big forums to discuss how to end hunger, let us remember to keep our eye on the ball. For example, the 2nd fertilizer summit organized by the African Union just concluded in Nairobi, Kenya, on 8th May, 2024. Unlike the first summit which was held in 2006 in Abuja, Nigeria, this particular summit put a lot of emphasis on soils. In fact, one would have imagined that it was on soils rather on fertilizer. Clearly the two are like co-joined twins. The Nairobi summit was actually very well attended, with. ... read more

The AJFAND Secretariat Team

Mary Njeri Karanu
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Michael Okumu
Technical Manager

Emmily Kaveza
Editorial Assistant

Sylvester Aura
M&E Officer

Moses Salim
Social Media and Communications Strategist

Erca Alaro

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