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Current issue Volume 24 No. 3 (2024)

Published on 6th April 2024

Editor's Note

I have always been interested in agricultural extension from the time I used to see extension workers visit my mum, then a peasant farmer in the village, working hard to make sure her family was always food secure. Even though her husband (my father) was out on a government job, she understood that she had to do her bit. His salary would be reserved for paying school fees for the children, putting up good housing, and providing some material goods that could put them at a certain level in society. Cash was highly valued, as it still is today. My mother was not farming to sell. Whatever excess she had would be shared with needy relatives and neighbors. With the support of extension workers who used to provide free seeds, teach how to make compost manure, and then guide farmers all the way to harvest and storage, we never lacked food except when there was ... read more

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