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Current issue Volume 24 No. 2 (2024)

Published on 29th February 2024

Editor's Note

“Why do you complain that you cannot afford meat? Why do you not just eat beans?” A well-meaning public figure to a gathering of people. It is ok if one is a vegetarian for whatever reason. You might be a vegetarian for religious or health reasons. You might even decide to eat a meatless diet on a whim. However, if your family is regular and not restricted in what they can eat, then suddenly fail to access a diverse diet, then one must think nutrition very seriously. Say a family has young children who have a good appetite and have been... read more

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Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Michael Okumu
Technical Manager

Emily Kaveza
Editorial Assistant

Sylvester Aura
M&E Officer

Erca Alaro

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