Khalayi - Wrapped in love

Friend, the Video above of Nairobi Woman Representative Hon Esther Passaris shows a Khalayi blanket. Khalayi is the company of our last born Lulu. Started 7 years ago and named after my late mum, the nickname means small and beautiful in my mother tongue LUYIA. Lulu says that is what her work is exactly meant to do, to travel near and far, carrying and conveying love and comfort to those in need. It brings cheer and gives babies a warm cuddle and the sick most crucial comfort and encouragement. The blanket has reached India as in this case, Australia, United Kingdom, and of course different parts of Africa. Kenya is her biggest market. In 2020 please try the KHALAYI BLANKET to convey love, comfort, cheer and encouragement. Lulu's WhatsApp number is +254 704 835751. WE THANK GOD. FEEL LOVED AND COMFORTED. AMEN. Thank you Hon. Passaris for what you do and also for marketing my daughter Lulu. I wish you complete recovery and a Happy 2020.
- Hon. Prof. Ruth Oniang'o -