Editor's Note [Volume 21 No. 10 (2021)]

The Year 2021

As we begin to look back on this year, 2021, each one of us reflects on what could have been. What have we been through, as a world, country, family, and at an individual level?

At AJFAND, thank God none of our immediate members has had Covid-19, except me . But then I had been fully vaccinated so it was not severe. However, a couple of weeks later I experienced what could be Long COVID. I am fine now. Three of my staff members were closely bereaved and we had to manage that as a family. These are unanticipated disruptions that we truly have no control over and must attend to. Even as we have mostly been locked down, some major global conferences have taken place, albeit virtually. Some have been hybrid, both virtual and in person.

Many of us have lost loved ones, and have felt that pain quietly; others have nursed loved ones who have suffered the wrath of Covid-19, and so many other illnesses as well as accidents. At the same time, as Covid-19 ravaged the world, mother nature too has been on a war path to levels not seen in a long time. Drought, floods, earth movements, volcanic eruptions, crop pests and animal diseases. Poverty and hunger have increased amongst the most vulnerable in society. Yet everyone has needed good food to stay strong and well-nourished to survive the pandemic.

Let me stop lamenting and thank God that we are still alive despite all that I have described above. We are in a celebratory season and those of us who can celebrate, let us do so as we think of those who cannot. Let us show kindness to those in extreme poverty by providing some food as this is one of the most basic of all human needs.

With the next issue, we shall close our 20th celebratory year. We wish to thank all who have stood with us by staying connected and those who supported us to support others. I believe you know yourselves.

Issue 105 has 14 thoroughly and professionally reviewed papers. We have amazing reviewers without whom we could not do much. We honor them and appreciate them.

One of these reviewers is Dr. Delia Rodriguez -Amaya whose good-bye letter we carry here and who together with myself have just been announced as recipients of IUFoST’s LIFETIME Achievement Award 2021. My warm congratulations go to Dr. Amaya, a friend of many years whom I am proud to share this award. I thank IUFoST most sincerely for the honor.

By God’s grace, we shall reconnect next year.

Ruth Oniang'o
Editor-in-Chief, AJFAND


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