Gratitude [Volume 21 No. 10 (2021)]

Words of Appreciation

After seven years, the time has come for me to say good-bye to AJFAND. I am now going into full retirement after so many years rendering service to Food Science and Science in general.

I feel fortunate for having the opportunity to contribute to this journal, under the dedicated and outstanding leadership of Prof. Ruth Oniang’o and the diligent management of Emily. It was truly a wonderful, gratifying journey.

To the authors, I apologize for the times that I might have appeared to be too strict and critical of your papers. My only intention had been to draw the best out of each work, thereby promoting quality Science and Technology in the developing world. Like you, I had conducted research under difficult conditions – lack of operating funds, infrastructure, equipment, reagents, etc. Still we are able to accomplish high-standard research, which deserves to be published in the best possible way.

May you all continue to work together to keep this journal successful. More power to you all!

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Delia B. Rodriguez-Amaya


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