Norman Borlaug [Volume 14 No. 4 (2014)]


My Grandfather and Africa
Julie Borlaug Laube

The Borlaug family is honored by the upcoming celebration of my grandfather's 100th birthday in Uganda. My grandfather had a deep connection to the Sasakawa family and the work of SAA over the past 28 years. He believed in the SAA model of extension. SAA has proved that through training smallholder farmers in Africa to improve their farming practices, yields and market access as well as focus on human capacity building that the SAA model is continuing to make a difference. The SAFE program truly represents my grandfather's legacy and belief in the important role of extension and the smallholder farmer.

Three days before my grandfather passed away, he mentioned to my mother (his daughter) that he had a problem. He felt he had failed to bring a Green Revolution to Africa. We promised him that his many 'hunger Fighters' would continue his work and continue to "take it to the farmer." We are thankful for the work of SAA for continuing my grandfather's legacy and for fulfilling his wish to see a "Green Revolution" in Africa.

On behalf of my grandfather, we would like to thank all at SAA who work hard everyday making a difference and for continuing his legacy.


Jeanie Borlaug Laube
Julie Borlaug
Associate Director for External Relations
Norman E. Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture