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First appeared in AJFAND Volume 13 No. 5 [2013]

Prof. David Lambert

David LambertDavid Lambert is principal, Lambert Associates, a Washington, DC, public affairs firm providing strategic policy advice to the US private sector, Land-grant universities, governments, and United Nations agencies, on issues related to global foodsecurity, child nutrition, food safety, and agricultural biotechnology.   He also serves as Distinguished Fellow, Iowa State University’s Seed Science Center, and as Adjunct Assistant Professor at The Catholic University of America.

As an internationally recognized advocate for global food and nutrition security, Lambert speaks widely on related issues.  Recent addresses have included a World Food Prize lecture, “Global Food Security: In Our National Interest”, and the Clinton School of Public Service Lecture, “The Quest to End Hunger in Our Time”, both published in the Journal of Food Law & Policy.

In 1999 President Clinton appointed and the US Senate confirmed Lambert to Rome as FAS Counselor to the US Mission to the UN Agencies.  Serving until 2003, he promoted USDA’s food security policies with the UN and other government agencies, and served on Ambassador George McGovern’s humanitarian missions throughout Asia and Africa. He continues as a regular member of the US Delegation to the UN’s Codex Food Safety Commission in Rome and Geneva.

Prior to his diplomatic appointment, Lambert was Senior Vice President, New York Stock Exchange, directing all public affairs programs, both US and international, with responsibility for the Executive branch and Washington Diplomatic Corps. He was principal negotiator for and a delegate to NYSE’s historic US-China Symposium on Financial Markets in Beijing and private meeting with Deng Xiaoping.  He earlier served as Legislative Assistant to US Senator J. William Fulbright.

Lambert has served in numerous Advisory Roles, notably with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, FAO, Farm Journal Foundation, Obama Ag Policy Committee, Center for Global Development, Clinton School of Public Service, Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Winrock International, Alliance to End Hunger, Auburn’s College of Human Sciences, Howard University’s World Food Law Institute, Food Industry Codex Coalition, Consumer Federation of America, and the Economic Club of Washington.

Lambert has a law degree from The George Washington University, a BA from the University of Arkansas, and an award from Harvard’s JFK School’s Senior Managers in Government.  Lambert is a member of the DC Bar, and is active in civic and charitable activities furthering the goal of ending hunger.

Lambert Associates…5105 Yuma Street, NW...Washington, DC 20016. fax 202-966-5094 lambertdp@yahoo.com

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