This was received just after his promotion..BIG CONGRATULATIONS Prof. Kapute. Ed. AJFAND.

From: Fanuel Kapute
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2020 12:43 AM
To: Prof Ruth K. Oniango
Subject: Re: Promotion

Oh Prof I really don’t know what to say it’s all excitement and seeing the hand of God.

I have realized that it becomes a habit once you start publishing so you make sure that the science we carry out should not just aim at attaining a degree or thesis. So we make sure that no research work gathers dust on the shelf without being published. That’s why I have managed to publish and co-publish over 30 papers just between my last promotion to Associate Professor to Professor (Fish Processing & Quality Management). I now have a total of close to 60 published papers, books and book chapters.

My association with AJFAND has exposed me to know the diverse research interests especially in the field of fisheries and cross cutting issues looking at the many manuscripts that we review.

Despite being a reviewer to AJFAND, I have published and co-published in this great journal and one thing that I always warn colleagues against is to send half cooked work there because I know the intensity of the review process from the various seasoned reviewers before a paper can be accepted for publication - that’s one thing I like AJFAND.

Many thanks Prof.

Mzuzu University,
Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Science,
Private Bag 201, Luwinga, Mzuzu 2, Malawi

Prof. Fanuel Kapute

At my MSc student’s
experimental site (3rd from left)

Solar dryer fish processors
training graduation (2nd from left)