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Surviving Covid-19: The Neglected Remedy

Onyango CM, Wilson J, Gubbels Peter and PO Mokaya

Cecilia Moraa Onyango (PhD) is an Associate professor of Horticulture at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. She has over 18 years’ experience in training, research and community outreach in the areas of crop production systems, post-harvest handling of produce, standards and food safety.

John Wilson is a Zimbabwean free-range facilitator and activist working with organisations across Africa, from community based to large continental networks. He has worked in the agroecology field in Zimbabwe and Africa for over forty years.

Peter Gubbels has 28 years of experience in West Africa, lives in northern Ghana, and works with rural communities to promote sustainable agriculture, agroecology, and nutrition. He is a co-founder of Groundswell International.

Peter Ogera Mokaya (MD) is a public health physician, with over 30 years’ experience in the practice of health development. He is a policy advocate for agroecological food production and related nutritional approaches to achieve food and nutrition security. Founding Director, Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA):

Written under the auspices of AFSA (Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa) a broad-based alliance of different civil society actors that are part of the struggle for food sovereignty and agroecology in Africa.


How best can people across Africa deal with COVID-19? How can those in densely populated urban areas or in remote rural villages best survive COVID-19 if they get infected? This mini-Barefoot Guide provides answers that lie in front of our eyes and in our fields and local markets. You will find out in these pages what COVID-19 really is, why food is the best medicine, what foods to avoid, and how a healthy diet is closely linked to a strong immune system. You will also discover how to obtain and prepare the food to maintain its medicinal value including information on local and indigenous plants and traditional preparations filled with the best nutrients. This guide celebrates our healthy traditional African diets based on these marvelous gifts from nature, validated and supported by modern scientific knowledge.

COVID-19 is a wake-up call to us all. This guide shows how to turn the tide away from over-processed unhealthy foods produced using harmful chemicals and return to growing and eating a great variety of locally produced natural and nutritious foods including indigenous crops and vegetables that we have often dropped from our diets. In short, a variety of nutritious, natural food is medicine! We (the writers) have created this Barefoot Guide to help us all better survive COVID-19.

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