Volume 17 No. 4 (2017)

Foreword: Ruth Oniang’o

Editorial: Ruth Oniang’o

Keynote speech at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Africa Graduate Student Association (AGSA) at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (March 2017), by Kwame Yeboah and TS Jayne

Peer Reviewed Articles

2017 Africa Food Prize Award - Congratulatory messages to Prof. Ruth Oniang'o

Updated AJFAND Indexing and Partnerships Report

The 2017 AGRF Experience by Consolata Musita

1. Prof. Patrick W. Mathenge
2. Mr. Mesfin Wogayehu Tenagashaw
3. Ms Ipeleng Randome

Conference: Sorghum in the 21st Centrury - Cape Town, South Africa. 9-12 April 2018. Abstract submissions must be done online at https://21centurysorghum.com/abstract-submissions/ or by contacting Lethisha Narayan Lethishan@turnersconferences.co.za

Conference: 2nd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology “Mitigating mycotoxin contamination in the African food and feed chain ” 24 - 27 June 2018, Mombasa, Kenya. Enquiries can be made via email africanmycotoxins2018@gmail.com