Readers Responses to Volume 17 No. 4 (2017)

Subject: Re: Published- AJFAND Volume 17 No. 4 (2017)
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 22:42:03 +0200
From: Nyasha Mushonga <nyamushonga@gmail.com>
To: Michael Okumu <okumuajfand@gmail.com>

Dear Michael,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for publishing my manuscript in your journal. It was not easy, but it was worth it.

I hope to publish some more articles with you in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Nyasha G. Mushonga
Nutrition -Lecturer
MSc, DphilS Student
Institute of Food, Nutrition & Family Sciences
University of Zimbabwe

Subject: Re: Announcing AJFAND Volume 17 No. 4 (2017)
Date: 2017-11-25 20:30
From: Adebisi Agboola
To: Ruth Oniang'o

Dear Ma,

Happy weekend ma.

I received your email this afternoon with great joy in my heart. I realized that my article has been published as number 9 out of 30 published peer reviewed articles in Vol 17(4) of this year November edition. This kind gesture will forever linger in my heart. I appreciate you ma for this rare and uncommon opportunity accorded me to realize one of my long awaited dreams of publishing in your high rated journal. It was a dream come true ma. I profoundly appreciate your kind gesture ma. Who could have extended this hand of fellowship to me? Who could have encouraged me this far? Who could have be so magnanimous to publish my paper in a time like this? I cherish your kindheartedness and sincerely appreciate you ma.
Thank you so much. God bless you ma. You are a rare gem and an epitome of success. More grace and strength in Jesus' name. Amen

Long live Editorial board AJFAND!
Long live Editor-in-Chief!!
Long live AJFAND!!!

Kind regards

Adebisi Agboola

Subject: Re: Announcing AJFAND Volume 17 No. 4 (2017)
Date: 2017-11-25 10:21
From: David and Phyllis
To: Ruth Oniang'o

Dear Prof.
These look like very interesting publications even for a novice in this area like me :).

But of course the most exciting part was the congratulatory messages. I got a chance to read through some of them and I can tell you am very motivated to even do better in what I do. What a great pleasure and privilege to know you in person!

Thanks for the good work and let me wish you well in the various travels and engagements ahead of you.

Warm regards,


Subject: Re: Announcing AJFAND Volume 17 No. 4 (2017)
Date: 2017-11-24 22:48
From: Kiiyukia Ciira
To: Ruth Oniang'o

Thank you for the journal. It gets better with every edition, congrats and am happy to be associated with it. Am enclosing my humble resume as requested sometimes back by your office.


C. Kiiyukia

Subject: RE: Announcing AJFAND Volume 17 No. 4 (2017)
Date: 2017-11-24 21:25
From: "Ndiame, Fadel"
To: Ruth Oniang'o

Dear Prof Ruth Oniang'o,

Dear "Mother",

Thank you so much for your incredible leadership in spearheading a science-based, action-oriented and problem solving approach to science, technology development and academic scholarship. Your contribution is now gaining worldwide recognition. May you will continue to coach, guide and inspire many more generations of scientists, policy makers and activists who contribute to an effective and inclusive transformation of the African Agriculture.


Fadel Ndiame, PhD
Regional Head, West Africa
Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa