Volume 15 No. 2 (2015)

Editorial: Ruth Oniang'o
Regardless of what agricultural research we do, nutrition is KEY

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Commentary: Patrick Webb
Why nutrition must feature prominently in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals

Hannah Jaenicke
Oluwafunmiso Olajide
Roland Holou

Prof. Ruth Oniang'o mentioned in World Food Prize tweet 'panel on soil health and fertilizers'

REPRINT: Pedro Sanchez
[Dear colleagues: Finally, there is closing yield gaps in Africa - Let me share with you the attached article (En route to plentiful food production in Africa) in case you have not seen it. It is very encouraging. And this is happening because of people like you working hard daily to help smallholder farmers improve their soils and its productivity, and grow the input and output markets they need to farm profitably. We are proud of you and value a lot your partnership.
SHP- please share the article with grantees and partners I have left out inadvertently.
Cheers, Dr. Bashir Jama (Program Director, SHP-AGRA)